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Cloud networking beyond SDN and NFV

New innovations in networking are being triggered because of at least four broad-based macro trends: Cloud: Growth of business-critical applications in the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Mobility: More branch offices and mobile workers using a variety of devices. Security: IT administrators losing visibility and policy control over their networks. Speed: Employee reliance on faster access to apps with lower latency …

dougdooley456Cloud networking beyond SDN and NFV
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How to become a venture capitalist

Since I joined the ranks of venture capital investors, the most common question I seem to get from my friends and colleagues is, “How did you become a venture capitalist?” I think it’s because the path and even the role seems opaque to so many. For others, mostly those working at technology startups, venture capital can seem like a dream …

dougdooley456How to become a venture capitalist