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How to fight crime with Machine Learning

Businesses have to defend their environments from attacks, and security professionals are asked to accomplish impossible feats in the modern era of cyber defense: they have to protect users and critical information from unauthorized access. This is asymmetric warfare where the bad guys have to get it right only once, but the good guys have to get it right every …

dougdooley456How to fight crime with Machine Learning
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Security at the speed of cloud

Speed is often a key factor that distinguishes good from great. In the digital world, special products that we recommend to our friends often deliver value with simplicity and speed. When we see a product demo in its early days that just blows us away, it’s a special moment especially in information security. It’s happened to me a half dozen times …

dougdooley456Security at the speed of cloud
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White lions of big-data security

There are fewer than 300 white lions living on the planet.* To say they are rare and exceptional is an understatement. Today, people with the multi-disciplinary skills necessary for advanced information security are almost as rare as white lions. In just the areas of threat discovery and breach detection, IT security teams need folks who are knowledgeable in network & …

dougdooley456White lions of big-data security
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Cyber crime wins, CEOs lose

In a world of escalating cyber crime, heads are on the chopping block and its getting bloody. “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” is more true than ever for business leaders and CEOs. When Target retail suffered one of the largest cyber security breaches on record—resulting in 40+ million credit cards compromised—the Target CEO was fired after 35 years with the company. …

dougdooley456Cyber crime wins, CEOs lose
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Cloud networking beyond SDN and NFV

New innovations in networking are being triggered because of at least four broad-based macro trends: Cloud: Growth of business-critical applications in the cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Mobility: More branch offices and mobile workers using a variety of devices. Security: IT administrators losing visibility and policy control over their networks. Speed: Employee reliance on faster access to apps with lower latency …

dougdooley456Cloud networking beyond SDN and NFV
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How to become a venture capitalist

Since I joined the ranks of venture capital investors, the most common question I seem to get from my friends and colleagues is, “How did you become a venture capitalist?” I think it’s because the path and even the role seems opaque to so many. For others, mostly those working at technology startups, venture capital can seem like a dream …

dougdooley456How to become a venture capitalist